The DIY installment videos were helpful in showing how it would be easy to do myself.

I was starting to do my kitchen renovation and was thinking I would tile all the Splashbacks wall area. This would not be easy to do because of the kitchen configuration and bring an old house it would mean stripping the wall back to framing timber. I saw the Reflections option following a google search and liked the look and ease of instalment so I started by ordering the free samples online. Getting the sample materials enabled me to visualise the final appearance. The DIY instalment videos were helpful in showing how it would be easy to do myself. Looked like a good system to get a monolithic Splashback. I could do everything myself and got a very professional looking finish from it. A lot faster and tidier than doing tiles. I would recommend this to any keen DIY installer and renovator and anyone looking for a modern alternative to tiles in the kitchen area. The ease of installation and the final appearance is very good.

Neil Campbell, Auckland.

Exactly what we wanted!

An advertisement for your product popped up on my Facebook. We liked the look and sound of the product so ordered some samples. We liked the look of the product. Apart from looking good, the simplicity to have cut to order and the potential to install ourselves appealed. The price seemed reasonable as well. The look is exactly what we wanted. Friends and Family building or renovating. For reasons as stated above.

Angela Walsh, Auckland.

The fact that you can cut if you need to was invaluable!

I google for backsplash and the idea of a product that wasn’t glass and I could DYI made me enquire for samples. I liked the look of the photos online. The website was really good. The quality of the product and the price. The price was really good and the fact I could DIY was appealing. I was a little apprehensive on measuring myself but just measured and checked several times so felt confident. Our kitchen install hadn’t been completely finished at the time I measured and I had neglected to account for a part of the cupboard so we needed to cut the sheet to take off about 10mm. The fact that you can cut if you need to was invaluable, as we wouldn’t have been able to do that with glass. Being able to purchase the glue was awesome so everything got delivered in one. Unpacking the sheets was the hardest part of the job because it was packed so well. I installed it myself without any help, though help would have been nice it wasn’t essential. I love it. I would recommend to anyone looking at backsplash or anyone who might be renovating an area that would benefit from this.

Michelle Kean, Greenhithe.

Easy to remove splashes from cooking.

The Reflections splashback was easy to install as it was cut to fit our space. All that it requires is a wipe with a damp cloth to keep it looking its best. It is easy to remove splashes from cooking. A quick polish every now and then has it looking like new again. We are pleased that we chose the white as it mirrors our white joinery

Pat Edhouse, Rotorua.

Look much like glass!

I was looking for a glass splashback effect, with all the durability required for a rental property, but without the cost. I read about Reflections Panel and was interested to try it out. Good price, the product said it would perform and look much like glass, fast delivery and great communication. The price, ease of install, fast delivery, good interaction with the team. I recommend it to lots of people, builders, people building new homes and renovating, investment property owners. I have utilised in 3 kitchens so far and am about to do so again.

Kerry Lynn, Queenstown.

Excellent collection of videos on your website showing everything from how to measure correctly

I was looking at options for splashbacks as part of our full kitchen renovation and was initially looking at glass ones or even considered tiling, however when doing a Google search I came across the Reflections Splashbacks website and was impressed by the look of them. I ordered 3 samples and liked the quality but our initial colour choices didn’t really work so well with the rest of the proposed kitchen. I then ordered another 2 samples and we instantly liked Arctic Breeze so ordered 2 x 3100×750 panels.
The reason we decided on getting Reflections Splashbacks is because of these reasons.
a) Quality looked great
b) significantly cheaper than glass (I think mine worked out about half the price of similar size glass)
c) I was able to cut it to size myself including the power outlets (something that usually costs extra to get done professionally with glass)
d) Customer service seemed great – we received our samples super fast.
e) Excellent collection of videos on your website showing everything from how to measure correctly, to siliconing around the splashback.
Looks great in our new kitchen. Everyone thinks it is glass and it’s easy to keep clean. I would recommend this to anyone who has basic DIY skills and is wanting a fresh look for their kitchen or completing a kitchen (or even bathroom) renovation. With your cut to size service, you really wouldn’t even need a lot of skill to install (especially if you follow the installation videos you provide on your website) – however, if you wanted to cut yourself as I did, you’d need basic DIY knowledge and a few tools.

Aaron Leighton, Porirua.

Easy on the eye. Easy to have installed.

We were looking for an alternative splashback from glass or tiles. This was for a smaller kitchen in our homestay. The new kitchen joinery had gone in and we wanted Functional, Easy to clean, Good fit a smaller space and easy to install. Your product met our brief
We found you online and emailed to get samples sent out to us. Reflection Panels had a good colour choice and you were able to send several different samples allowing us to see our colour choice in different lights and against our new joinery. Very easy care. Easy on the eye. Easy to have installed. I would recommend this product to anyone doing up a kitchen or bathroom or even laundry. The product looks great and is a breeze to keep looking good.
We sent the measurements away and the product arrived in good order and quickly.
No issues with tiles and grouting. User-friendly…do it once …do it right! Would use this product for other areas in our home!

Glenda Campbell, Masterton.

We are thrilled with how this has finished the kitchen off.

We were about to renovate a kitchen and while researching products online I found Reflections Splashbacks. As as result of my enquiries I found that the price point meant I was able to have a splashback on the entire wall of the kitchen rather than just behind the gas hob, so that was a great plus. We found the service fast and friendly. Our builder installed the panels with no issues. We are thrilled with how this has finished the kitchen off.

Diane Andersen, Ngaruawahia.

Excellent value for money, easy to install ,super easy to clean and looks great!

Through the process of doing a complete renovation of our kitchen, I started looking at alternatives to tiles and glass for a splashback and spent quite a bit of time researching what was out there that could give me the look I wanted. I came across the Reflections website, liked what I saw including the reviews from customers that had purchased your panels.
Your website was very informative and receiving the 3 free samples was really helpful as I was able to have these against the wall for a few days before I decided on what colour I wanted to go with. I phoned Simon a few times and he was really helpful in answering questions that I had. I also spoke to my builder and asked if he could fit this for me as I had 3 power points and also wanted floating shelves against my splashback. He looked at the demonstration video and agreed that this would be easy for him to install. Upon ordering my splashback I received my panel 2 days later and my builder installed this within a couple of hours. To anyone doing a renovation, it is excellent value for money, easy to install,  super easy to clean and looks great.

Rosalie Lauina, Manukau.

They were exactly what I wanted

My husband and I have built a house on the Estuary front in Southshore, Christchurch. Once our kitchen was installed – our Builder alerted me to the need to select a Splashback. I started collecting samples of tile options as I didn’t want glass and was not at the time aware of any other products. My son – a real estate agent – looked at my tile options and advised me against selecting them. He said most new homes on the hill in Christchurch have Splashbacks which reflect. As we have a magnificent view of the estuary, port hills and Southern Alps – we certainly had the right location to get a reflection as the kitchen faced the view. I immediately researched Reflective Splashbacks – and came across “Reflections”. They were exactly what I wanted. The fact that I could select three colour samples – then look and touch the product, helped me decide to go with the product. The product looks great and does reflect. So I can be cooking and at the same time glance up at the Splashback and see the view that’s behind me. I would recommend the product to anyone building. The colour choices are amazing – the price is affordable and if the kitchen faces a view then it’s a must!

Sue McKenna, Christchurch.