The kitchen looks a million dollars!

I upgraded the kitchen in our unit. We looked at splashbacks made of glass and we considered tiles. I had always found tiles a little difficult to keep clean and the glass option looked good, but the cost seemed to be close to the cost of the new kitchen. An internet search lead me to Reflections Splashbacks. I liked what I saw and the initial price was obtained. For some reason, it went on the back burner and a reminder came during the Covid-19 lockup so I proceeded to order. I measured the area at least 3 times with 2 different rulers and tape measures. It had to be right. The order was placed and the splashbacks arrived. I found them easy to handle and was rapped that they fitted so snuggly. A couple of hours work after watching the fitting video and it was all up and ready to go. The price was a major determining factor, but I soon found out the quality and the finish was superior and of course, the fitting was able to be done by me! The kitchen looks a million dollars compared to the rough half-finished and painted backing I had! It has finished off kitchen area.
I would recommend anyone upgrading their kitchen or bathroom areas. It is clean and tidy and easy to install if the measurements are right. It seems to be a durable long-lasting product that is easily maintained and it looks good!!

James Findlay, Hamilton.


We were forced into renovating our bathroom when the tapware in our bathroom broke down. We’re not really fans of tiled bathrooms but when we understood the costs for glass splashbacks we started looking for alternatives. We found Reflections purely by chance surfing the web. Pricepoint vs glass and colour choice vs an acrylic splashback for both the bath and vanity are what made me decide on getting Reflections Splashback. Versatility being able to use basic building skills to tool the panel. We cut the panel to length, routed the back of the corner to achieve a continuous internal corner and used the offcut to create a matching splashback over vanity. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a cost-effective alternative to glass splashbacks.

Anthony McBride, Auckland.

Quality product and the pricing was competitive.

I found out about Reflections because my partner’s niece and her husband had re-done their kitchen and they used Reflections Splashback in their remodelled kitchen. It looked like a quality product and the pricing was competitive – also the time from order to delivery was a lot less than getting a specialist company to come, measure up and install. The splashback was the final piece to complete our new kitchen and it meant we did not have to wait for a specialist company. I would recommend this to anyone. The product looks and feels good and the cost was very reasonable compared to other glass specialist splashback companies.

Steven Magill, Napier.

The splashback looks amazing!!!

I saw one of your Ad came up on Facebook and I followed it up. We were going to have a new kitchen however at the cost of 40.000 plus. We decided to just tidy and upgrade the kitchen. One of the things was the splashback which was a stainless steel one and very scratched from someone previous to us cleaning it with a brillo pad!
The splashback looks amazing, easy to clean, and goes so well with the kitchen tiles already in situ. I would recommend this to anyone, and if we ever build would look at it for the walls for the bathrooms and toilets in the new house as well as the splashbacks!

Alison Howard, New Plymouth.

Love our choice!!!

I entered Splashback in google then found Reflections there and was most impressed with website and interaction/communication from Reflections. The testimonies, samples, description, and professionalism of Reflections is what helped me decide to purchase. Love our choice, the light colour is great for not showing the dirt so much. Easy to clean, easier than glass which I had previously. Delivered to home on our measurements, and installed by our builder so cutting costs. Great Youtube videos, very informative and simple on all aspects. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. I believe builders are converted. Price is great and compares favourably with any other splashback material. Much easier installation and upkeep than glass or tiles.

Rosemary Hargreaves, Kaikoura.

Very low maintenance.

We have just finished building our first new house. Our budget was very tight, but we really wanted a new house that would look way more valuable than what we spent on it. I designed the house myself and did a heap of research online hunting for good deals and new ways to do things that would save money. The kitchen and bathrooms were spaces that we realised we could make some substantial savings by hunting down bargains and buying online. And it was then we found Reflections Splashback. The house was almost finished by the time I found Reflections. We were originally going to tile the splashback as glass was way too expensive and acrylic wasn’t suitable for behind the cooktop. However, we weren’t that keen on having grout get filthy from cooking. Then I found Reflections, and at about a third the price of glass or even cheaper, it seemed like a no brainer. Most people would think it was expensive glass so it would add perceived value to our kitchen. It also meant no grout, so very low maintenance, which is what our house is all about. We ordered some samples, asked a few questions by email and watched the DIY videos to check how easy installation would be. The ease of installing was a big plus too especially with being able to send Reflections a drawing for them to pre-cut it for us. Immediately, having no grout to keep clean is a huge advantage. It’s so easy to keep looking brand new and it looks great. Looks awesome when our LED strip lighting is on too. I would recommend Reflections panels to anyone doing a new build or renovating a kitchen. It’s an extremely easy product to work with, is dirt cheap compared to the alternatives and looks great. Best of all, it can go behind a cooktop. One recommendation I’d like to make though, it would be great to have a larger range of colours or even colour matching and/or the ability to add patterns or images to a panel.

Nathan Rattray, Hastings.

The complete change in the look of the kitchen area made it much more pleasing

We found you on Facebook through a featured pop-up, followed the link and watched the video. We have already discussed covering the wonky tiles in our new build home, following receiving the samples and watching your instructional videos on measuring and installing we decided this was for us. And not forgetting the excellent price. The complete change in the look of the kitchen area made it much more pleasing to the eye than the white tiles that were installed. We have already shown the results in our kitchen to any visitors and I have posted pictures on Facebook showing the transformation. We have also pointed out the ease of installation and the excellent value for money.

Jacqui Robinson, Napier.


Now the kitchen looks much nicer and it is easier to clean.

I was searching on the internet for splashback options and I found you there. I liked the composite panel because it was affordable and possible to fit it myself. We looked at a couple of brands, but yours had the colour that we liked. I also appreciated the DIY videos on your website that showed how to fit and finish off the panels. Simon was helpful in planning how to cut the panel to fit our required shape. Our house is old and the area to be covered was not square, so it was a challenge to cut it exactly right. One idea I had that you might like to share with others in our situation was that I bought a cheap half-sheet of 6mm MDF (about $12) and was able to cut that to fit the gap exactly. It was then a simple task to trace the outline of the MDF onto the panel so as to get an exact fit of the panel. If I made a mistake with measurements then I could easily and cheaply replace the MDF and have another go. Now the kitchen looks much nicer and it is easier to clean behind the stove. We had replaced an old stove which left a small area of bare gib, so we needed to cover that somehow and it made sense to remove the wood panelling and tiles and replace it with a modern splashback. I would recommend your product to anyone undertaking renovations or a new build that wanted an economical but high-quality finish for a splashback. It is particularly suited to DIY because it is easy to cut and install.

Adrian Walcroft, Ashhurst.

My kitchen now feels more modern, appealing, roomy and a pleasure to walk into. Says me who would rather spend time out of the kitchen.

We did a small alteration to our dining room area, then realised something had to be finally done to the kitchen but had to be just a makeover. I spent Christmas holidays preparing and painting the walls and then decided the kitchen needed something that gave it a modern lift. So a splashback was my plan. I had no idea of the huge cost for a splashback the size and the colour I wanted. So decided to put it on the back burner and wait. A few weeks on I decided to see if there were any other options then glass, so did an internet search. Found a few different sites, but Reflections offered free samples, had close to the colour I was looking for, great info on the website and “DIY videos and good reviews, so decided to go forward and get quotes. I was absolutely thrilled with the sample colours and cost, nearly half the cost of alternative splashback options. My kitchen now feels more modern, appealing, roomy and a pleasure to walk into. Says me who would rather spend time out of the kitchen. I would recommend this to anybody who is building, redecorating etc, and I already have recommended.

Liz Goldsworthy, New Plymouth.

We were sold!

When I knew that we were going to renovate our kitchen I immediately started looking closely at what look I wanted and what materials I wanted to use. Splashbacks were one of the things that I knew that I wanted. Our old kitchen had a tiled splashback and while I liked it, I wanted a change and liked the look of glass. Our kitchen is relatively big with a large area that would need a splashback. I enquired from a few places that sold glass splashbacks and right away knew that I was either going to have to change the areas that would get a splashback or not have one at all. The price of glass for the area I wanted to be done was out of our budget! Then one day while browsing Facebook I saw the Reflections page. I had a look and liked what I saw. I asked for a few samples and was impressed when we received them. We were sold!
Price was a huge factor in choosing Reflections. Also, the fact that the staff was so helpful and genuinely seemed interested in helping me find what colour etc that suited our tastes best.I love the fact that reflections panels were so easy to install and just like glass at just a fraction of the price.
I would recommend Reflections panels to anyone that is upgrading their kitchen. It’s well worth that email or phone call to enquire and ask for samples. There are so many colours that there is bound to be something that will suit your needs. We choose Pepper and we are so pleased with the result.

Racheal Coldicutt, PAEROA.