What is the Reflections Panel made of?

Reflections panel is composed of an aluminium skin and a high density mineral fibre core that ensures durability and provides heat resistance. The panel is coated using nano technology high gloss paint. Our metallic decors subtly incorporate metallic flakes for enhanced light reflection.

How do I clean my Reflections panels?

Reflections can be easily cleaned using a slightly wet microfibre cloth. Common household detergents are compatible with Reflections and can be used safely. If unsure about a cleaning agent, apply gently to a small inconspicuous area before using.


We do not recommend cleaning with abrasive cream cleansers, such as Jif. You will damage the smooth surface.

Are Reflections Panels suitable in a bathroom or other high moisture area?

Reflections are 100% waterproof and are perfect to use as a shower panel or bathroom wall panel. You can even include them in your laundry as a splashback and create a beautiful, cohesive look throughout your home.

Can I install Reflections behind my gas stove or cooktop?

Absolutely! Reflections panel has been tested and is compliant with NZS: 5601.1.2013 for use behind Gas Cooktops.


Reflections Splashback and Wall Panel installation instructions recommend that a minimum distance of 110mm be maintained between the edge of the rear burner and Reflections Splashback Panel. This requirement is mandatory unless the Panel is being adhered to a non-combustible substrate such as an existing tile wall, concrete, or brick.

How thick is a Reflections Panel?

Reflections panel is only 4mm thick, making them a perfect solution when every millimetre counts.

How heavy is Reflections Panel?

Reflections Panel is a high density composite material that weighs only 7kgs per square meter, ensuring easy handling making for simple DIY installation.

Are all the colours the same price?

All our Reflections Panels come in a range of designer colours, these are the same price what ever your preference.

Can a hole be drilled into the Reflections panel? How do I cut or trim my panels?

Reflections panel can be drilled with a high tensile metal drill bit. See the How to videos in the DIY section of the website.


Reflections can be cut with a skill saw, preferably with a panel blade. It never chips when cutting. You can also use a power plane on the edges to reduce the size in small increments and also a belt sander, or a hand sanding block.

How flexible is the Reflections Panel?

This photo shows a 3.1 x 748 sheet under its own weight.

What double sided tape should I Use.

In some cases double sided tape may be required to hold a panel in place while the adhesive sets.  This can be required if you are not installing onto a bench and the panel needs to hold in place unsupported.

The product we would recommend using is 3M -Scotch Heavy Duty – Double sided Tape.  25mm wide.  Available at Bunnings and Mitre 10.

You will have to determine how much of this you apply to the rear of the panel – which is dependent on how large the panel is.  Panel weight is 7 kg per square meter.

Warning— once you have secured the panel with this tape it will be difficult to move so ensure you are accurate with sticking to the wall

What do I adhere my Reflections Panel with?

Reflections Panel is adhered to Gib Board with an MS neutral cure Silicone Adhesive, for adhering to concrete block/tiles/glass/stainless steel.


We recommend Holdfast HG MS or Sikaflex 11FC, we sell adhesive in our accessories section of our online store to make installation easy as soon as you receive your panel.

How are exposed edges of the panel dressed? How can I make sure I have a tidy finish?

We supply a 6mm brushed aluminium trim to dress the edges of the panel. These are satin matt silver. See How to DIY video tutorial.

How is the panel joined in the event that our requirements are over 3.1 meters?

The reflections panels butt join factory edge to factory edge providing an excellent result. If the butt join is not what is wanted, then aluminium jointers are available in also in the matt satin finish (the same as our edging trim).

Can the panel be folded to form a 90 degree corner?

Yes, it can. By using an over 90degree router bit, the back skin and core can be remove in a ‘V’ and the panel will bend through 90 deg making an external corner without affecting the finish coat.


This is particular job is best done by a skilled tradesman.

How long will it take to get my panel after I place my order?

We will undertake to dispatch your panel within two working days of payment. The panels travel with PBT and it is often delivered within two days of dispatch (North Island) and 4 days (South Island).

How are my panels protected during transport?

All of our panels are packed in a specially imported Honeycomb cardboard and generally travel very well. We do have incidents from time to time with the freight companies and we ask that you check the panels on arrival.


If any damage is evident we ask that you bring this to the attention of the delivery person and make contact with us. We will immediately replace the damaged panel.


If you note damage after the delivery has taken place again contact us immediately.

What are your terms & conditions?

Our terms and conditions are always kept up to date, and are subject to change at any time, without notice. They can be found here.


We often get asked questions about our quality product, here are some of our frequently asked questions. For anything else, please feel free to get in touch with us, we are here to help!

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