Reflections DIY Splashbacks

The stylish finish of glass… without the price tag

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  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Grout free for a seamless finish
  • Available in a range of designer colours
  • 10% off for two or more of our classic panels
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Cut to size service


Not sure what size panels you need? Or maybe you’d like your panels cut to size? Let us do all the hard work for you! Take advantage of our cut to size service.



Reflections Splashback and Wall Panels are the perfect solution for affordable kitchen renovations and upgrades, delivering a stylish, convenient and cost-effective solution for a sleek, modern look.

Our kitchen splashback and bathroom panels are very easy to install, providing a beautifully seamless and practical design feature to finish your project with style.

Are you searching for bathroom/kitchen splashbacks Auckland, splashbacks Wellington or splashbacks Christchurch or anywhere in between? We deliver bathroom and kitchen splashbacks New Zealand wide.



7 year warranty reflections splashbacks
7 year warranty on all Reflections Splashbacks


We are proud to back all Reflections splashbacks and wall panels with a 7 year warranty, even when you install the product yourself! Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your new splashback will fault and defect free, for years to come.

cost effective
fire retardant
high gloss
100% waterproof

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  • Offers the Allure and Appeal of a Glass Splashback at a 60% of the Cost
  • Our Kitchen Splashbacks are DIY Friendly and are Easy to Install, Even Over Existing Tiles (see our install videos)
  • They are Heat Resistant and Safe to Place Behind Gas & Electric Cooktops
  • Offering a Fresh and Contemporary High Gloss Finish, Reflections are Designed to Reflect Light

Cascade Reflections Splashback

  • Creating an Illusion of Space and Making Even the Smallest Kitchen Feel Large and Open!
  • Gives you Superior Quality & Durability, while remaining Grout Free and Being Easy to Maintain
  • Requiring Only a Light Wipe to Clean to keep them sparkling
  • You Will Enjoy Full Peace of Mind With a 7 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Hi Simon


Testimonial from a pint-sized female who did her own installation.  I had no trouble handling a 2.2 metre sheet on my own;  it trimmed cleanly where I had to take a few mm off one edge.  Glass I could not have handled. Tiles don’t compare with the simplicity of this stuff. But it’s aesthetics that drive me –  the material is beautifully tactile, which can only be appreciated by getting a sample. Now installed under strip lighting the colour just glows.


Jennifer Long  Puhoi, Auckland

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The Ideal Alternative

Splashback Idea

A Smart Alternative to Glass and Acrylic Splashbacks


Our lightweight splashbacks are 10 times stronger than traditional glass and more durable and flexible than acrylic, giving you that designer look for longer.


Convenient and versatile, they are strong enough to be easily cut, drilled and shaped to fit any space and we can even custom cut panels for you when you order!


Easy to Install & DIY Friendly


Light and slimline, our splashbacks are just 4mm thick and weigh only 7kg per square metre, making them extremely easy to install and manipulate.


Designed to simplify your DIY kitchen renovations, our versatile splashbacks can be secured straight on top of existing tile walls or splashbacks for even more convenience.

Get the Allure of Glass at a Fraction of the Cost


Glass splashbacks come with a high price tag, typically between $450 and $600 per square metre, with extra costs for further cutting and drilling. But our quality splashbacks for kitchens offer you the same look and aesthetic appeal at a much lower price.


Reflections Splashbacks are approx 60% the cost of glass and give you the option to save even more by doing the installation yourself!

The Perfect Splashback

For All Applications

Maximum versatility

Our quality kitchen splashbacks are fire-retardant and resistant to heat, UV and water, multiplying the number of possible applications. Our Reflections splashbacks are approved to be fixed behind gas or electric cooktops, outdoors in direct sunlight and in moisture-heavy areas.

Beautiful, High gloss finish

Reflections splashbacks are designed to reflect light, creating a perfect illusion of space and giving even the smallest room that feeling of open space. Our state-of-the-art coating system is highly durable and resistant to weather and heat while replicating the beautiful sleek and polished appearance of glass.

14 stylish colours

Neutrals, brightly coloured or metallic shades, you’ll be able to find the perfect splashback for your home, business or renovation application.

Our kitchen splashbacks and wall panels are grout-free, waterproof and steam-resistant to keep your wet areas clean, bright and mould-free.

Plus, the non-porous surface doesn’t trap dirt, stains or grime, offering a safe and hygienic design solution for your home.

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